computer vision 16-720
course topics: panoramic image construction, image classification, motion tracking, action classification, 3d reconstruction, image segmentation
course project: optical flow odometry in lunar polar lighting conditions

math fundamentals for robotics 16-811
course topics: approximation, optimization, polynomial approximation, determining roots of polynomials, resultants, solving nonlinear equations, convex hull, configuration space, voronoi diagrams, differential equations, singular value decomposition, solving linear equations, markov chains, calculus of variations
course project: robot path planning in 2d using voronoi diagrams

mobile robot design 16-861 (Dr. William “Red” Whittaker)
course topics: google lunar x-prize, lunar ice, lunar exploration, rover mobility, skylight exploration, space system design, field testing and validation, public speaking and presentation, electronics, system debugging, troubleshooting
course project: performance evaluation of polaris: a prototype rover for lunar prospecting

advanced mobile robot development 16-865 (Dr. William “Red” Whittaker)

kinematics, dynamic systems, and control 16-711

machine learning 10-701